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Strongmile Movers proudly provides professional moving services with a modern twist in New Jersey. Whether you need packing or loading assistance, residential or commercial moving services, or assistance relocating furniture for an internal move, remodel, or home staging, Strongmile Movers offers the experience and knowledge to handle your relocation needs securely while protecting your home, office, and belongings.


What makes Strongmile Movers services so unique is you decide how much you want us to do to keep your moving costs down. If you want to pack your own items and have Strongmile Movers simply handle the loading and unloading, we can do that. If you want complete moving services from packing to loading, relocation, and unloading, we can do that, too!


At Strongmile Movers, we fill the gaps from full-service moving services to do-it-yourself moves with a modern twist. Whatever your moving needs, Strongmile Movers tailors our services to meet your specific relocation needs including the following:

  • Full-Service Packing and Moving

  • Loading and Unloading Only of Trucks and Pods

  • Internal Furniture Relocations for Homes, Condos, Apartments, Offices, Etc.

  • Furniture Staging to Sell Your Home

  • Safe Handling of Heavy, Bulky, and Specialized Items

  • Furniture Clearing for Renovations and Remodels

  • Furniture Assembly, Disassembly, and Reassembly


You decide how much you want our moving professionals to handle for you.

See our wide array of moving services below.


Full-Service Transport in NJ:

Traditional Full-Service

  • Disassembly & Maximum Protection of all Furniture with Blankets, Shrink Wrap & Cardboard for Safe Transport

  • Unwrap, Reassembly & Setup at Destination

  • All Items Delivered to Desired Rooms

Full-Service Box Packing:

Complete Packing & Moving Supplies:

  • Standard Boxes & Wardrobe boxes

  • Packing Paper & Bubble Wrap,

  • Packing Tape, etc.

Local & Long-Distance Alternatives:
Loading-Only and/or Unloading-Only:


       (Uhaul, Penske, Budget, etc.)


       (PODS, Pack-Rat, Relocubes, International containers, etc.)


       (ABF U-Pack, Old Dominion, etc.)


Around the House:

  • Staging Furniture to Sell Your Home Faster

  • Clearing the Way for Contractor Renovations

  • Room-to-Room Swap Outs

  • Floor-to-Floor, Up & Down

Internal Building Relocations:

Same Building, Different Unit

  • Apartments

  • Condominiums

  • Offices



Same Complex, Different Building

  • Across the Street

  • Through a Courtyard

  • Around the Corner

New Furniture Assembly:

Brand New, Out-of-the-Box, Initial Furniture Assembly

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Local Residential Moving


Strongmile Movers offers local residential moving services with exceptional, door-to-door service to make your move as stress-free as possible.  It’s well-known that moving can be one of the most stressful events in one’s life.  In 2022, reported that 38 percent of people said moving was more stressful than breaking up with a significant other. 


From apartments to condos and single-family homes, Strongmile Movers provides local, experienced professionals to deliver individualized moving services that fit your specific needs.  Strongmile Movers tackles the heavy lifting for you! Our moving superheroes can handle everything from packing and loading to unloading and unpacking or we can simple wrestle the big stuff.  How much we do is up to you! 


Licensed and insured, Strongmile Movers has completed thousands of moves since 2012. Our full range of flexible, affordable local moving options allow us to serve:

  •  Individuals

  •  Couples

  •  Families

  •  Seniors

  •  Businesses

At Strongmile Movers, we treat your possessions as if they were our own.  With our complete moving services, our experts safely and efficiently pack, protect, load, transport, unload, unpack, and set up your belongings to make your local relocation a complete success.  Whether you’re relocating just up the street or across town, Strongmile Movers offers affordable, local moving services you can count on. 


Our professionals combine physical strength and moving experience with skilled training to provide personalized moving services upstairs, downstairs, and door-to-door.  Not only do we protect your valuables, but we also protect your apartment, condo, or home so no damage is done during the move. 


Strongmile Movers’ concierge moving services make moving more affordable.  You choose which services you want to keep your local move on budget.  You decide how much you want us to do, ensuring your relocation goes off without breaking the bank.

Long-Distance Moves


At Strongmile Movers, we offer long-distance moving services throughout the state of New Jersey.  If your move is a longer distance, Strongmile Movers is happy to help. The best part is you decide how much you want us to do. 

For long-distance moves, you have many options.  Our traditional, full-service relocation services include the following:

  • Disassembly and Maximum Protection of Furniture

  • Blankets, Shrink Wrap, and Cardboard for Safe and Secure Transportation

  • Complete Packing with Standard Boxes, Wardrobe Boxes, Packing Paper, Bubble Wrap, Etc.

  • Loading and Unloading

  • Transportation of Belongings from Point A to Point B

  • Unwrapping, Unpacking, Reassembly, and Setup with Items Delivered to Desired Rooms

If you don’t need complete moving services, we can help with as little or as much as you wish.  The relocation superheroes at Strongmile Movers handle whatever you need for your move.  Even if you just need some muscle for loading and unloading, we’re here to save the day! 


Our white-glove, long-distance relocation services make your move across New Jersey as worry-free as you want it to be.  Strongmile Movers delivers on its promise of safe, secure, and timely moving services you can count on time and again. We even offer moving tips to make things easier for you!

Senior Relocations


Leaving a home you have built a lifetime in can be difficult.  That’s why Strongmile Movers offers seniors compassionate, caring assistance with their moving needs as well. 


The seasoned professionals at Strongmile Movers offer complete moving services for seniors to make the transition of relocating as stress-free as possible.  Whether you’re moving to a smaller home to downsize, into assisted living, joining a 55-plus community, or you’re connecting with family in a new mother-in-law suite, Strongmile can make your move simpler. 


Our concierge moving services allow you to decide how much you want us to do.  We can help sort, pack, and relocate everything or we can just handle the bulkier, heavy items.  We deliver items to your new home and place them right where you want them to make you as comfortable as quickly as possible.  We work with seniors and their families to determine what their specific relocation needs are and fulfill them, reducing the worry of each senior relocation. 


Strongmile Movers can even help moving items into donation trucks, storage facilities, or bulk trash to make your move easy.  Additionally, we pay close attention to your cherished items so everything is relocated without damage.

Office & Commercial Moving

When it comes to office, business, and other commercial moves, time is of the essence.  Moving and relocating means downtime, which means your business isn’t conducting business.  That’s why it’s imperative to make your commercial move happen as seamlessly and quickly as possible. 


Strongmile Movers has the manpower and experience necessary to move your entire office or business quickly and efficiently.  We handle everything for commercial moves from packing supplies to disassembling furniture, wrapping, protecting, and relocating entire businesses.  Our experienced moving experts then deliver and reassemble everything so you can get back to business fast. 


Over the years, Strongmile Movers has helped a wide assortment of companies from medical offices to retail shops and beyond with their relocation needs.  Whether your business is making an internal move in a building to change floors or it’s moving across town or to the next county, Strongmile Movers goes the extra mile to ensure your commercial move happens with speed and efficiency.


Packing and Unpacking Services

Strongmile Movers can handle as much or as little of the packing and unpacking as you’d like for your move.  This means you control your moving timeframe, cost, and effort. 


At Strongmile Movers, we know how important your cherished belongings are.  That’s why we safely pack everything with our complete packing services. We use best practices for disassembling, wrapping, and protecting larger furniture items.  Using shrink wrap, cardboard, and blankets, Strongmile Movers ensures your furniture makes the move without a mark. 


When it comes to smaller items and clothing, the packing professionals at Strongmile Movers bring in standard boxes and Wardrobe boxes to properly protect everything during your relocation. We use packing paper and bubble wrap to protect your things before professionally packing them, taping, and marking the boxes for their final destination. Not only will your belongings arrive at their destination in one piece, but delivering them to the right room and unpacking is made easier. 


Strongmile Movers can unwrap, reassemble, and set up your furniture at their new destination.  All boxes and other items are delivered to the desired rooms per your direction. We can even help you with unpacking to save you time and effort. At Strongmile Movers, your relocation needs are fulfilled in full by the moving superheroes because we have the strength to go the extra mile for you! 


Don’t need help with packing or unpacking everything? That’s super!  Strongmile Movers also offers partial packing and unpacking options as well.

​Loading and Unloading Services

If you have the packing and unpacking covered but need manpower with strength to handle just the loading and unloading, Strongmile Movers has you covered!

Whether you’re renting your own moving truck from U-Haul , Penske , Budget , or another carrier, Strongmile Movers can safely and efficiently load your furniture and boxes for you. We know how to make the most of every inch of space so everything fits and you can make fewer trips. We can also help with unloading at your new location anywhere within New Jersey!

Strongmile Movers can also provide loading and unloading services for:

  • Portable Storage Containers ( PODS , Pack-Rat , Relocubes , International Containers , etc.)

  • Trailers ( ABF U-Pack , Old Dominion , etc.)

  • Storage Units

When it comes to concierge moving services, no one beats Strongmile Movers! Don’t take our  word for it. See what our satisfied customers have to say.

Staging Services

Strongmile Movers can also help you sell your home or commercial property with our staging services.

A staging survey by the National Association of REALTORS® revealed that home staging continues to be a significant part of the home selling process. The survey showed 82 percent of buyer’s agents said staging made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home. Furthermore, more than 7 in 10 agents find photos, videos, and virtual tours more important in the post-COVID real estate market.

The moving experts at Strongmile Movers can help homeowners and realtors alike in staging homes. We arrive to stage the furniture per your direction so you can host an open house and welcome potential buyers to sell your home quickly for the best price.

On-Site Services

Whether you’re moving or not, Strongmile Movers also assists with new furniture assembly, clearing the way for renovations, and furniture moving.


Let’s face it; assembling new furniture isn’t always easy. This is especially true when purchasing goods from overseas. That’s where the strength and experience of Strongmile Movers can help! The heroic professionals at Strongmile Movers visit your home to assemble your new furniture so you don’t have to for a reasonable fee.


If you’re preparing for contractor renovations and need furniture relocated within your home, out to the garage, or off-premises, Strongmile Movers can assist you with relocating your furnishings. We can quickly swap out furniture from room-to-room or even floor-to-floor.


Strongmile Movers is even able to assist storage facilities with locker and unit clean outs to make way for new clients. We can also help leasing managers with apartment cleanups as well. You supply the dumpster and we supply the manpower.


Just give us a call at (732) 754-3626

for a free, no-obligation quote today or visit us online by clicking the button below.

Packing Supplies

In addition to moving services, Strongmile Movers also offers a full-range of packing supplies from standard packing boxes and wardrobe boxes to bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, and more. 

Call Strongmile Movers at (732) 754-3626 to reserve your packing supplies today!


At Strongmile Movers, we make moving easy with our four-step moving process. The first step is to complete the no-obligation quote form and then we follow up with you to discuss your moving needs. We email you a no-obligation estimate and, when you’re ready, you book the moving services you need.

Contact Strongmile Movers at (732) 754-3626 to reserve your moving services now!









Why Choose Strongmile Movers?

Metuchen-based Strongmile Movers allows you to control your move. We offer you more options and flexibility for your move! Our professional movers can pack up and move everything for you or you can keep it simple and hire us to move just the larger, heavier items to keep your costs down.

Additionally, Strongmile Movers is the first and only licensed moving company in New Jersey that doesn’t own a truck. This keeps our overhead low and we pass those savings onto customers like you. If we need a moving truck, we partner with local companies that offers them to keep dollars local so we can reinvest in our own community.

One of the things that sets Strongmile Movers apart from the competition is we are a family- owned, locally-owned moving company that brings more than a decade of moving experience to your move. Strongmile Movers offers flexible moving options with concierge services. We are:

  • Licensed

  • Insured

  • Experienced

  • Available When You Need Us

  • Trusted with Five-Star Reviews on Various Platforms

  • Safe and Secure with Thousands of Completed Moves


Our skilled and trained movers ensure your relocation goes smoothly, affordably, and is as
stress-free as possible. Check out all of the wonderful ways Strongmile Movers can help with
whatever your move requires.


You can also see customer reviews of Strongmile Movers services on the following platforms:


Take a look at our hundreds of reviews and see what people have to say about Strongmile Movers for yourself.

Rest easy knowing Strongmile Movers is here to save the day when it comes to your move!

Just call us at (732) 754-3626 to request a free, no-obligation quote today.



Local New Jersey Residential & Commercial Moving. We help take care of one of the most stressful things you can do in life, transitioning to a new home. 


Local or Long Distance: Trucks, Portable Storage Containers, Trailers, etc.



Furniture Disassembly or Reassembly, Staging Furniture to sell your home faster or Clearing the way for a contractor renovations.


Packing up all of your loose items for safe transport.

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