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Terms of Service

Please review our terms prior to our visit. There is critical information that will ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible, so please review below. 


General Liability Insurance - Coverage for personal and property damage.
Worker's Compensation Insurance - Personal injury protection for our movers.
Shipment Protection Insurance - Standard valuation coverage included at no additional cost. Any damages will be reimbursed at a value of $1.00 per pound per article. (PLEASE READ BELOW)
Additional Valuation insurance - Coverage only available at an additional cost. Inquire within.


Unless you purchase additional valuation insurance, the mover is, in most cases, only required to reimburse you for any damages to your belongings at the rate of $1.00 per pound. For example, if you have a vase valued at $ 1,000 but it only weighs two pounds, the mover is, in most cases, only required to reimburse you the sum of $2.00. For your own protection, consider discussing with the office whether you should purchase additional insurance.

When purchasing insurance, consider:

Whether to insure for actual or replacement value. For example, if you purchased a sofa in 1996 for $ 500.00, do you want to insure it at actual value ($ 500.00) or replacement value (probably a higher figure).
Whether you want to insure for the total valuation of your shipment. For example, if your total shipment value is $ 50,000, and you only take out $ 25,000 in insurance, you will only receive half the value of any damaged item.


Be sure to check your goods as they are delivered. You should note any lost articles or damages on the bill of lading which you will sign on completion of the delivery. If you discover other loss or damage, report this to your mover immediately because the mover is not required by law to handle claims made more than 90 days after the move. If you suspect your goods have been stolen, you should report this to the police immediately.

* It is essential that customers personally transport higher valued items, such as electronics, computers, jewelry, money, pictures, lamps, art pieces, statues, firearms and ammo, etc.


40 POUND LIMIT PER BOX. Strongmile WILL NOT move any boxes heavier than 40 pounds. Please be conscious of this requirement while packing.
KEEP ALL BOXES UNIFORMLY SIZED so they stack efficiently on top of and next to one another. Random, odd boxes will only slow down your job and cost you more money in the long run.
SMALL & MEDIUM SIZE BOXES ONLY for the majority of your packing.

SMALL (12" x 12" x 16") - Books, magazines, kitchen items, glass, etc.
MEDIUM (18" x 18" x 18") - Lighter, less dense items. Clothing, light kitchen items, desk items, shoes, etc.
Pack any tinier boxes (Shoe box sizes and similar) in the small or medium boxes as per guidelines listed above.
AVOID LARGE BOXES! (18" x 18" x 24"+)
Only use when absolutely necessary only for larger, less dense items such as cookie sheets, board games, lamp shades, comforters, pillows, etc. 

WE WILL NOT PACK LAST SECOND BOXES we have not been previously contracted to pack. Be ready for our arrival.
DO NOT PACK YOUR BELONGINGS IN TRASH BAGS!  Use trash bags ONLY for light comforters or couch cushions.
You may pack your own belongings into boxes, crates, etc. or you may have the mover pack your goods for you. Please remember that the mover is not responsible for damage to any goods you pack yourself. The mover can also refuse to transport goods you have packed yourself if he feels he cannot transport them safely. 

Do not stack boxes on furniture, because some furniture may need to be loaded prior to the boxes.
Use an ample amount of tape on all boxes. Don't be shy!

Mark or color code boxes clearly with instructions or preferred placement location in the new home. This avoids any confusion at the unload.

Mark specific boxes when necessary "Fragile", "This end up", "Load first" or "Load last", etc.
If there are boxes you DO NOT want us to handle, please clearly mark all items to avoid any confusion and set them in a designated pile.


EMPTY ALL FURNITURE! We WILL NOT move furniture that has not been completely emptied. 

Yes, empty ALL contents out of ALL of the drawers of ALL of your furniture.
This is a safety requirement that keeps our men safe and also keeps your walls & furniture from getting damaged.
Clear off any items from table tops and shelves prior to our arrival.
If there are items you DO NOT want us to handle, please mark these items clearly to avoid confusion and set them in a designated pile.
Remove all electronics and wiring from your furniture prior to our arrival.
Remove all light bulbs from your lamps.

PRIOR DAMAGE:  We are not liable for any furniture that has previous damage or is unstable in any way.
PRESSBOARD STYLE FURNITURE: We are not liable regarding ANY type of particleboard, pressboard, press wood types of furniture if any damage occurs during your move. (Examples: Certain IKEA styles, any furniture not made of solid wood, etc.) These types of furniture have consistently proven to be poorly designed and constructed and not recommended to be moved from their originally constructed positions.
CONSUMER ASSEMBLED FURNITURE: We are not liable regarding these same types of furniture that must be disassembled & reassembled that were not designed to be. (Examples: Closets, Armoires, or any large pieces originally constructed within your home)

Smaller, fragile items, high value items (Electronics, jewelry, money, pictures, lamps, art pieces, statues, etc.)

You should move these personally if possible. Allow additional time for proper preparation for these types of pieces if we must handle them.

Larger, fragile items (TV's, electronics, pictures, lamps, art pieces, statues, etc.)

Have these boxed and prepped prior to our arrival. 
If not, we will need additional time and materials to accommodate. Let the office know in advance if this is the case.
Have abundant corrugated cardboard on hand for our teams for added protection.



Gas lines, water lines or hard-wired electrical must be disconnected prior to our arrival.
If absolutely necessary, additional fees will apply.


No installations of any kind.
Examples include, but are not limited to: Appliances, TV's, mounting brackets, curtains, shades, chandeliers, light fixtures, ceiling fans, etc.


No hoisting or rigging of any articles or furniture over balconies, railings or through windows, etc.

Additional fees will be applied based on each scenario if a necessary situation were to arise.

Fees are determined on a case by case basis at the discretion of Strongmile.
Strongmile holds no liability to damages if such a circumstance were to present itself.
You must sign a waiver of no liability for an attempt to be made



Our teams WILL NOT remove their shoes or where shoe covers in your home whatsoever. This can pose a safety concern. If there is a concern regarding your floors, we can provide added floor protection materials at an additional cost.
Our teams WILL NOT handle any firearms or ammunition whatsoever.
Our teams WILL NOT work in any hazardous, unsafe or unhealthy environment which have not been disclosed prior to our arrival. Conditions include, but are not limited to: pets, bugs, dirt, dust, hair, mold, urine, water damage, fire damage, hoarding conditions, unhealthy odors, etc.
We reserve the right to terminate the contract on the day of service if we encounter any such type of circumstance. We reserve the right to retain full deposit including travel fees, despite vacating the premises prior to work beginning. By contracting our services, you agree to not leave a negative review, comment or criticism anywhere regarding the quality of our services if any such circumstance does occur.
Additional hourly charges & fees will be applied on a case by case basis only if the office, the team & you (the customer) agree to move forward with added services & costs.


The only time there will be an additional charge is when:
You can have these on hand for us to use, or we can provide them.
Please let the office know if you need anything additional at least 3 business days prior to our arrival.

Floor protection materials:

Hardwood or Tile $30.00 per roll & materials
Carpet protection $20.00 per roll

Blankets: $8.00 (Textile) / $10.00 (Quilted)

For local storage we offer the "Buy Back" program, where we will purchase each blanket back from you for 50% original purchase price at any time in the future, provided they are still in good condition.

Ratchet straps: $8.00

No charge when used for local full transport moves.
For local storage we offer the "Buy Back" program, where we will purchase each blanket back from you for 50% original purchase price at any time in the future, provided they are still in good condition.

Packing paper or bubble wrap: Varies
Full rolls of packing tape: $8.00
Hanging clothes bags:  $15.00 per box
Wardrobe box rentals: $10.00 per box per job
Packing boxes and wardrobe box purchase: Varies*


Customized Certificates of Insurance: $50.00
Examples of items, but not limited to. Charged on a case by case basis.

Pianos - Uprights, Baby Grands, Concert Grands, Player pianos, etc.
Heavy safes - Exceeding 100 lbs
Full home gyms & weights
Hospital / Mechanical beds
Bunk beds
Elliptical machines
Heavy tool boxes
Large machinery / Large tools / Large worker tables or benches
Pool tables
Large arcade / Pinball machines
Excessively heavy items over 100 pounds
Oversized items

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